To those who use the plugin and also are using the or plugins as a way to reply to toots: Or is it just me or has anyone noticed that recently (last week or so, maybe longer) isn’t threading the incoming reply?

It may just me. My integration seems to fail a lot in various ways, whether it’s my posts not being sent onward to inboxes or the Post Kinds URL metabox sometimes not saving URLs for replies or likes, but I’d like to see if there’s some larger issue going on.

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@dansup Not sure I get this attitude. I keep seeing people saying this service or another should adopt and federate but some people are opposed to the idea that some companies may do so? Is it not better that some do federate in order to develop the concept and technologies? Otherwise, what is the but its own walled garden, even if larger in nature? This would be like, in the early internet, being opposed that a company might offer ISP services to a larger audience and instead keeping it contained to the universities.

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What are your #WordPress setups to work with #ActivityPub? I’d like to have my #blog as the main content hub but I want to have access to #Mastodon from it if possible.

This comment is from my own blog! I’m using the plugin as the main driver of federation, with the other main IndieWeb plugins (webmention, syndication links, post kinds, etc) to fill in the gaps to bring back comments from elsewhere, incl. Mastodon, and to reply to posts/toots. The Friends plugin acts as a feed function and a way to add people, though it’s not perfect and it doesn’t work for discovery of new content.

With all of these, I’ve been able to implement lightweight federation, though there is room for improvement.