I meant to write this yesterday, but I’m glad I waited until today, since I now have more material to reference.

Basically, Jon Stewart sat down on Monday morning for breakfast with a bunch of journalists from all across the media spectrum and spoke about his disdain for cable news, and offered a warning to newspapers that they shouldn’t follow their lead.

There were several different reports filed about the speech, but the one I like the best comes from Comedy Central blogger Daniel DiClaudio (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  Just a warning that it is a bit long winded, and reeks of Stewart fanboyism in some parts (DiClaudio claims to not work for or represent The Daily Show), but I also think it’s the most extensive coverage of the breakfast.

Other media reports fill in the gaps DiClaudio missed, such as this one from the WaPo and this one from the Wall Street Journal.  I’ll provide some key quotes after the jump, and some brief analysis.

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