Former Ambassador Charles Freeman withdrew his name from consideration yesterday after controversy arose regarding some of his positions on Israel, and financial ties to Saudi Arabia and China, through his position on the board of a Chinese oil exploration company and an allegedly Saudi funded Middle East policy group.

More change in Washington, I see.

Yea, I’m in the dissent on this one, but not because I’m some rabid always-blame-Israel anti-semite.

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Well, one goal from yesterday’s entry is coming true.  Although it’s official purpose is as a test vehicle for Blog Talk Radio, to make sure my deck is shuffled in terms of the service, I will be using up to 15 minutes tonight to discuss Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East and Europe this week.  I want to test it as if a show were actually going on, so that’s what I’ll be doing.  If you want to listen to the show, go to this page at 11:30PM EDT (-5 GMT) and click the “Click to Listen” button at 11:30 to tune in!

My goal tonight is to merely test out the service, but if you feel you have something to voice, feel free to call in!  The listener call in number is (347) 945-5945.  However, it may cost money to use via a landline (the help is a little ambiguous on this).  However, they have a “Click to Talk” feature in the host’s profile (above link).  If you have a microphone, plug it in, click the button, and wait patiently!  Unfortunately, it’s only for IE6, which kind of blows, but what’re you going to do?

So, if you want to hear some political talk radio, perhaps albeit with a few “testing 1…2…3″‘s, tune in!