So, while trying to think over the categorization issues, I ended up doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: change up the layout.

There is now a navbar in the header, and I think it makes the site navigation much more user friendly than being shoved off to the side.  I also moved the search box up to the header.  Finally, hovering over a link will finally give you a color that doesn’t nearly blend in to the page; especially important in the sidebar.

In addition, all category and monthly archive options are now on a separate archives page.  I decided to do several main categories (which are in the process of being reformulated) and then use tags to indicate specific topics within the category.  You can see the tag cloud to the write.  Over the next week or two (actually I’ll probably end up doing it overnight), I’ll be going through all 433 posts at Dymersion and giving them all tags, so that the cloud will fill up more quickly.

More changes are likely to occur.  I may make the page wider, but we’ll see.  Stay tuned for more.