To those who use the plugin and also are using the or plugins as a way to reply to toots: Or is it just me or has anyone noticed that recently (last week or so, maybe longer) isn’t threading the incoming reply?

It may just me. My integration seems to fail a lot in various ways, whether it’s my posts not being sent onward to inboxes or the Post Kinds URL metabox sometimes not saving URLs for replies or likes, but I’d like to see if there’s some larger issue going on.

The -as-instance concept finally seems to be in a relatively usable state. Posts mostly seem to be…posting. My following requests seem to be registering, at least on the same instance of the user being followed, though not globally (maybe they need time to catch-up). Some of the remaining issues are:

  • -Updates are not yet implemented though deletion is.
  • -I’d like to edit the links individually, though I may have a solution for this.
  • -Some Likes are not reverse-feeding back to the blog.
  • -You can’t yet migrate the user to WordPress, though I understand that’s planned. If that was implemented, I’d do it now. I’ve heard of a workaround. If it makes sense, I may try it.

A few observations regarding the plugin:

1) It’d be nice if certain posts could be prevented from being widely distributed. For example, a reply distributed to another blog or Twitter doesn’t make sense to post to Mastodon/Fediverse since the quoted source itself isn’t included.

2) It needs a few more options for how posts are formatted. I don’t think it makes sense to include a link back to the source on simple statuses, though it does make sense for articles.

3) Now that the Friends plugin can send a follow request to an added subscription, it’d be great to have a list of follows as well.