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Hmm, it seems anything sent as an Article post kind is being sent by the #ActivityPub plugin to Mastodon as a link only. The settings page does mention that Article kinds present as a link as Mastodon but I have the ‘Note’ Activity-Object-Type settings selected. Wonder if it’s a bug…

Interestingly enough, I subscribe to my account with the plugin and the feed reader does show the whole post, so maybe the issue is on Mastodon’s side not accepting the note as a note.

I mentioned last week that I’ve installed the SemPress theme to take advantage of IndieWeb features like microformat labeling to enable parsing in webmentions, a kind of new-era trackback but better. Well, it’s more than just that. As I’m sure most people reading this are aware, there’s been a lot of activity in the world of social media in the past month or so. A new owner at Twitter, people moving to different platforms, and Elon Musk having a bit of a meltdown. All of this has gotten me thinking about the future of my own online presence and has encouraged me to look into revving this blog back up and using it as a hub for my own content of all types.

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Replied to Chris Aldrich @ Boffosocko by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (
Wishing everyone a Happy #NewwwYear. Seems like 2023 may be a good time to make a fresh start and explore setting up your own website to own & control your online identity & content. I’ve got lots of friends in a supportive online community who can help: black and white photo ...

Agreed, and with the recent collaboration of the and plugins, IndieWeb-enabled WP blogs now have two-way following without needing to maintain a separate social account (other than for discovery). So pumped for the possibilities.