Extreme Audio Board

This is the audio board that my cousin (Second cousin? Great cousin? Something like that) uses when working with well known (and some not as well known) music artists. The story behind the picture is that my mom’s cousin went to California for Christmas. Her brother works for the Universal (as in Universal Studios) Music Group. Or, well, he used to anyway. Not sure if he still does. Anyway, he also has his own studio, which is what I believe the picture is showing. There are others, and I’ll upload some later. In addition, he was a project manager for a five-and-a-half million dollar club, which I also have some pictures of. The real reason I posted this, however, is to test the QuickImagePost plugin.

Extreme Club

This is the recently built $5.5 million club that her brother was the project manager for. Pretty fancy, yea?

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