So, I’ve decided what to do with this LJ. My paid account runs out in June, and I’ve been debating for some time whether or not to renew my account. Well, the main thing that I liked with paid accounts was the ability to have a subdomain for my blog. Now that everyone has this, however, I think all the incentives have gone away. I don’t use extra icons, and any photos I can host myself. I don’t do voiceposts, and while I use a style that I think only paid users get, I believe it’ll remain when the paid account expires – I just can’t change it, and since the S2 system is so freaking confusing, I never will.

So, what to do? Well, as I’ve shamelessly promoted for some time, I have a main website. I’ve set up ways for you to reply to anything I post (you can just use your LJ URLs to log in), but I don’t want to inconvenience people with an extra step. Thus enter MTLJPOST, a plugin that allows me to mirror everything I post on the site to this blog. That’ll work nicely, as you can still reply here without going anywhere. So, that’s the plan.

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