Back in Action

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Yes, so I’m definitely switching one photo a day to one photo a week, seeing as how I couldn’t get it done after last Wednesday. Seriously, though, there’s not that much interesting stuff around here to justify one photo a day. That and I don’t leave campus that much during the week. I’m also scrapping the separate photoblog idea, and will just post it here. There’ll be some exceptions, like after the upcoming Greece trip in January.

So, this weekend was decent. Went out to east at 99 yesterday (haven’t done this in some time), and today had dinner at my aunt’s new place. For an apartment, it’s pretty nice. The food was good too!

Yet another busy week ahead, this one possibly more busy than most. A good chunk of my day tomorrow and Tuesday (that time not devoted to class or work) will spent getting my final class story done. It’s the final one, so I want it to be the best.

Then on Wednesday, it’s Earth Day. What does that mean for me? More video work. This time, though, it’s part of a project I’m doing for my Earth Science class. I’m supposed to be more of a producer rather than a techie on this project (that part being held by someone I know who’s doing it for another professor), but undoubtedly I’ll end up doing some of the technical work.

Thursday will bring…you guessed it, more video work. This Thursday, though, is different. In addition to the usual newscast, I’m taking part in producing an episode of Eastern Expedition. This is in conjunction with the Drama Society, and for the volunteerathon week. Hey, three hours community service, which will bring me one above the requirement? No complaints here.

Then Friday will finally be a day of rest. Hurray!


Oh no, an entry!

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Hey. Been busy as heck lately. I’ve broken my goal on one picture a day, I know. Should all go well, though, there will be one tomorrow night! It’s one I’ve wanted to get for about a week.

Anyway, just wanted to make a small comment about the weather. The mere fact that I could go outside right now, at 3:17am, and feel sort of comfortable in a spring jacket at this time of year is a bit unnerving. It’s 54 degrees; it’s usually in the mid 30s at least.

I don’t really expect it to happen again for a while.


Stepping Away from Nat’l Security – Immigration

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It’s funny that out of everything discussed pertaining to this new immigration bill, nobody from the Bush administration has mentioned national security. Everything else since September 11th has been about it (except perhaps gay rights and Medicare), so why not this? It’s interesting to watch the debate. But, that’s not what I’m writing about today.
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