It’s funny that out of everything discussed pertaining to this new immigration bill, nobody from the Bush administration has mentioned national security. Everything else since September 11th has been about it (except perhaps gay rights and Medicare), so why not this? It’s interesting to watch the debate. But, that’s not what I’m writing about today.

In my politcal science class on Friday, we had a debate about it. Now, before the debate, I thought my professor was just about the most liberal professor around. I was shocked to discover that, on domestic issues at least, that it’s just not the case. He is absolutely against illegal immigration, no matter what the excuse may be. I agree with him on some points. I’m all for people wanting to come and start a life in this country, but there are the proper methods to go about doing so. You can’t just go running across the border and expect people to welcome you with open arms. I also think they need to make some attempt to learn English. The country may have no official language, but English is de facto.

Then there are some points that I do not agree with. For example, integration into our culture. Integration is to expected, but that doesn’t mean someone’s culture should be left at the border. I do not know if he was hinting at that, but it seemed to be leading that way; maybe I just misunderstood. My second point of disagreement is about what to do to keep illegal immigrants out. My professor seemed to accept any method the government could think of, including building a wall at the border. Wait a minute, though! This is the same professor that will argue until he’s blue in the face that Israel building a wall between it and the Gaza Strip won’t work. So, why exactly does he think a wall would work at our border? You know, the border that most recently been breached, not from above ground, but from under ground?

So, what do I think we should do? Well, increase border security, sure, great, awesome. Then we need to focus on any economic help we might be giving Mexico and other nations south of the border. We need to focus on making sure any monies are going to the place they are meant to go, and not to drug cartels or corrupt governments, but not by invasion! This is one area where our efforts at diplomacy might still work. Yes, Bush administration, remember that word? I’d assume so, given that the State Department is still up and running. Would it work? I don’t know for certain, but I think there’s a chance.

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