Just realized I never blogged about the New York trip.

We got into New Haven around about 9:30 in the morning. We stopped by Dunkin Donuts, and took the 9:57 train, and got to New York around 11:30.

It would had been faster just to subway to 49th street, but instead we walked down 42nd until we realized we were going the wrong way. So, we then turned around and finally got to 6th Ave, and worked our way up to 51st street, then crossed over to 7th Ave. Couldn’t pick much of a better spot. We were right up the road from Times Square, and right down the road from Central Park.

We were able to get in to our room right away, which was good given the time of day. After we were settled, we got a taxi to the dock from where the cruise took off. We all got hot dogs, and then went on the cruise. It was nice, and the tour guide was knowledgeable, and apparently a geology geek . 😛 Some bridge was broken, so we weren’t able to go up to the Harlem River, so they turned back and went as far north as possible, before returning to dock.

After the cruise, we went up 42nd Street and to Times Square, and looked around in that area for shopping, etc. Oh, did you know that 1 Times Square is a vacant building and they still make $20 million a year off it? That’s what that advertising will do for you.

After shopping, we went back up toward the hotel to look for some food. We finally found this deli, where our waitress kinda sucked. However, the food was good, and there was plenty of it, so that kind of made up for sucky service. After we ate, we hung around the room a bit. Then we took the subway to 34th street and went to the Empire State Building. I’ve never been to the 86th floor, so it was an experience, even if it was windy and chilly. I got some decent pictures, which can be found on my Flickr account.

The next day, we got up at 9:00am, and showered, then me and Amber went down to the pool while Aunt Anne got some breakfast. Afterward, we made our way to Central Park and walked around there a lot, went on the carousel, etc. We kept trying to find the zoo that’s there. We finally got to it, and it started pouring. So, we took a subway to 34th and went to the Manhattan Mall, and other smaller shops.

Around 4pm, we hopped on a subway, and went back to Grand Central Terminal. We did some shopping there, and were able to get a 5:07pm train back home, getting to New Haven around 6:30 or so.

Overall, the trip was fun because the last two times I’ve been there, it was as part of a school trip, or it was very cold. However, the rain could have held up for us. 😛 That put a bit of a damper in our second day plans, but we still had fun. If you want to see some more pictures, click on the picture of the Statue of Liberty.

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