So, I suppose a lot of it is my fault, but if some of these places would ever call for an interview (and yes, I’ve been a good boy and done the week-after followup after sending in an app), I might have a summer job right now. See, I’m not looking for particularly skilled work. For a summer gig, I’d be happy doing cashier, or stocking, or something of that sort. Yet, it seems that every place I’ve applied to will not call me! Take this, for example:

There’s a new gas station in town (friends from town – it’s on Adams Street). The sign says they’re hiring, so I apply. I call back a couple time, and every time it seems like the manager hasn’t looked at the applications yet! What are they playing at? If you say you’re hiring, actually start doing it. I’d understand if I didn’t get the job because I don’t qualify or something, but at least call within a respectable amount of time.  Then again, come on, how hard can it be to cashier or stock a gas station convenience store?

Another example: Ocean State Job Lot. They have a sign saying they’re hiring, so I go in to apply. One of the customer service people tells me that the manager just ended hiring, but invites me to fill out an application, which I do. Well, I thought then that they should have taken down the sign pronto, and I still do. Why? Because it’s still up there! Just went back with the family this weekend, and it was still there.

Finally, I’ve had three interviews so far, two at Circuit City (after which the manager said they couldn’t just hire for the summer – why did I waste my mom’s gas going for the second interview?) , and one at Barnes & Noble in the mall. Well, the B&N manager seems to have a rather erratic schedule, since it took me nearly two weeks after the interview to find out they’d hired somebody since my interview. Whenever I called, she wasn’t in for some reason or another, or had just left for the day. Ugh. Would have liked to work there, too, especially with the upcoming Harry Potter release! Oh, well. Now I can have my pool party on Saturday, at least.

I’d just like for some consistency from the managers. Actually call your applicants for interviews. I guess in defense of the gas station, they might simply have gotten a lot of applicants. Still, like I said, the last time I called, they still hadn’t looked at the applications. I do need to call a couple places again, though my hopes are now not high for getting a job, what with about a month and a half to go until I return to Eastern. If there’s any consolation, though, I think I now know what I’ll have to go through when actually looking for a job in my field.

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