I don’t know what Fox was playing at this time.  They’ve had some pretty stupid ideas, and although this one doesn’t quite take the cake, it comes close.

For those not in the know, it was a semi-reality series starring Lauren Jones, a model who used to work for Bob Barker, who wants to become an anchorwomen at KYTX in Tyler, Texas.  What’s stupid about the show is that you can’t just look for anchor talent, the same way you can like on American Idol.  Anyone who’s spent any decent amount of time in the industry knows no person will taken seriously as an anchor unless they’ve actually done some reporting.  You don’t automatically get the chair, you earn it.  So, to think that somebody can just go up and actually do it straight away is kind of ridiculous.

Well, it was canceled after one show, which is pretty typical with a lot of their shows: they just don’t make it.  Oh well, there’s always modeling or acting for her.

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