I’m in love, people. In love with a thing that itself cannot love. I love my new cell phone.

We were due for an upgrade, since our two year contract was finished, so we were looking around. My dad said I could more or less get what I wanted as a late part of my birthday, so that was cool. Well, I would have been fine with what my sister and mom have – the LG VX8300. It’s a pretty good music player, and can do everything I want. Plus, we’ve upgraded to a plan that includes unlimited texting in and out of network.

However, I had eyes for one other phone (if you count the Chocolate, but I’d take 8300 over it), the LG enV (VX9900). I love the flip open keyboard on it, which makes it good for texting and mobile web. It also seems to have pretty decent audio, so far. In addition to the texting plan, I’ve got mobile web (which I’m going to pay for – $5 a month isn’t bad, considering the price for internet on most PC-based internet providers). So, basically, I’m going to be addicted to this thing. As long as it doesn’t make me late for class or something! And once I find a mobile optimized version of WordPress’ admin panel, I’ll be able to moblog.

Also, I’m uncertain on this, but I seem to have access to the GPS-based navigation system. My sister thinks this is part of mobile web, but I’m unsure myself. Seems to be a very good commodity for only $5. Maybe it’s just a one month thing? If anyone has the low down on the nav service, let me know. I like it very much, but it’s not a necessity if it’s either not supposed to be enabled, or it’s a promo thing. I’ve can do Mapquest or Google Maps on my computer or Mobile Web. But hey. At least this phone has GPS navigation. Can’t say that for another newer phone. *cough*iphone*cough*

Anyway, back to playing and texting with my phone. For anybody who’s heard me tell them not to text my phone in the past, disregard that, since texting is now fair game.

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