You might remember how I griped about my university’s student employment office last month.  Well, we’ve gone from A New Hope (when I finally got hired this semester) to The Empire Strikes Back, because of an email I received today.  It let me know that I’m going to lose my work study because apparently I don’t have a job!

Is everyone who works in that office an idiot?  Not only can I not make more in an hour than last year – this, despite the fact that no matter how much I receive per hour, it will never affect how much I can get in a semester – but they can’t even keep organized!  It is amazing that in this day in age with computers that they can’t keep simple records of who’s employed.

I blame their lack of notification to my supervisor before the semester began of the issue they had with my pay rate.   I would have been perfectly fine with an explanation then.  A little disappointed perhaps, but mostly okay.  But no.  That was that second time in two years they waited until I was back at school to tell me these things.

I think overall that things will be fine.  I’ll go to my boss tomorrow, and he’ll call them, and things will be straightened out.  They haven’t taken my money yet (so says the eweb system), so there’s probably a grace period for those who might want to get a job before losing it.  I’ll tell you though, if it does disappear, or if it had disappeared right away, there’d be hell to pay.  Because I know if it does go away, I’ll never see it again, since I’m sure their excuse will be that “we have no more money to spend on it.”  In that’d case, I’d want an operating fund job, or I go straight to the President of the university.

I’m sick of dealing with these people, and am glad I’ll no have to do so once I’m out of here.  Hopefully real HR departments are better, but I don’t know.  Experiences, anyone?

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