*Clears throat*  Spoilers for the latest episode of Heroes under the cut.  You have been warned.

So, did any other Connecticut Heroes fan want to murder NBC 30 news when they promoed their 11pm newscast?  Because I almost wrote an angry email to their management.

For those who were away from their TVs, they promoed an interview with Hayden Panettiere (Claire) and someone else.  I wasn’t paying attention to much, but I heard something along the lines of “reaction to my father’s death.”

Yea.  So, I was all like, “I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything!”  I was about to send off my email to NBC 30 management, but then decided to wait because the show came back on.  Well, NBC is lucky, since turns out Bennet doesn’t actually die.  Still, I don’t think they should be revealing any parts of interviews until the show is over.  That way, those of us who don’t want to know anything can wait.

So, they’ve fled my wrath, for now.

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