I have a love and hate relationship with snow days.  It’s good to have classes canceled sometimes, but when you want to do other stuff and then can’t, it sucks.

For example, take today’s snow day.  I liked that I didn’t have to go to my one class today, but I also couldn’t set up for the game show.  I wasn’t able to get the contestant buzzers we use for the show.

So,  natural conclusion?  Cancel the show.  Now we’ll do the next one on March 8th, and perhaps make a second for the end of March, since we seem to have some popular demand for contestants this time around.

So, now I’m here this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have something to do.  Today I watched some movies with friends, and probably tomorrow I’ll do something with them as well. So, not a total loss this weekend.  I am a little mad, though, since this week was the postponed date from last week.  The reason I’m not doing it next week is that I don’t want to do it two weeks in a row.

So, I’ll have some fun this weekend, hopefully, and get back to work on the show next week.  Still, blasted snow days!

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