So it is true.

So far tonight, I’ve been wrong on the GOP in Virginia, and the Dems in Maryland.  I honestly did think Huckabee might get the state, perhaps forgetting how many urban areas there are in Virginia.  The fact remains that rural areas just don’t have a lot of people.  However, I thought Huckabee might be able to capture at least one large populated area in the South. Well, it doesn’t seem to have been the case.

In Maryland, I didn’t count the big momentum push Obama got from this weekend’s races.  Clinton doesn’t look very good right now.  She’s shuffled up her staff and has a money crunch.  However, even with her losses tonight, I wouldn’t count her out.

She’s campaigning hugely in Wisconsin, and she hopes for big wins there, in Ohio, and in Texas, and Pennsylvania.  I’m not yet going to make predictions on these areas, except to say that I think looking to only the big states is a mistake.  It’s the, dare I say it, Rudy Giuliani mistake.  He focused on a big state, and lost that state.  Meanwhile, Obama has won a lot of states out West that are not necessarily big in delegates, but I think shows that he has support everywhere.  Clinton, meanwhile, has almost literally only won on the fringes of the country.  This may be a fair showing of the future to come, because winning big states are not necessarily an indicator of winning the nomination.  It’s a good sign, but not a clear cut message.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Win Them All

  1. Now that I look at it, I see a couple meanings when used in combination with this entry:

    1) It represents the battle between Clinton and Obama. They, like me and my sparring partner, and duking it out.


    2) Star Wars is, along with all the space battles, the love story, and a fight against the Dark Side, a story all about politics. I ought to show you the paper I wrote for my political science class last semester. The professor is stuck before about 1960 in terms of movies, and I know I probably gave him something good to read.

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