Two whole days of McClellan?  People are dying in China during more aftershocks, Nepal becomes a Republic, a famous comedian dies, and the major networks give two days to McClellan?  I guess possible major revelations from an administration insider are big, but I’m not sure they’re two days worth.

It’s just – I know the story is big, but flicking through CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News today, there was nothing but McClellan.  Come on guys, there’s other news going on, too.  This is a problem I have with the major networks.  When a big story comes up, they attach to it and are reluctant to let it go for a while.

I think it’s about to fizzle out, though.  McClellan’s book is a big story, but with the DNC meeting coming up on Saturday that’ll decide the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegates, and the final three primaries coming up on Sunday and Tuesday, they’ll overshadow him.  If McClellan wants to say anything pretty revealing, he’ll already have done it, since Meet the Press on Sunday won’t make it into the news.

I’m looking toward those three stories, anyway.  My thoughts on McClellan’s book are here.  And that’s my final entry on the McClellan book.  Seriously.

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