Via Happy News, 26 heroes have been recognized by the Carnegie Hero Fund.  The fund, set of by Andrew Carnegie in 1904, honors people annually who have gone past the call of duty to save people from life threatening situations.

This year’s recipients include Marc Patterson, who forced a cougar to let go of a 12-year-old; Deborah Chiborak and Gerard Beernaerts, who rescued 89-year-old Winifred M. Lindsa after she was trapped beneath her scooter near train tracks, facing an oncoming train; Curtis Dawson, 47, of Astoria, Ore., who helped rescue a tugboat captain from drowning in the Columbia River; Dennis H. Morton, 38, of Prineville, Ore., who helped rescue Oma D. Pratt, 54, from her burning mobile home; and Samara Marie White, 15, of Davison, Mich., who died trying to save her 4-year-old sister from their burning home

Everybody who did this deserves to be recognized for their efforts.  I applaud you all!

Just a quick programming note: Tomorrow will be my yearly “why I love American” post.  Those who gag at overt expressions of patriotism need not read it.

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