Replied to BeAware :verified420: ( (BeAware) maybe it's because the new update for ActivityPub already supports threading and it's conflicting? This is assuming you're using the newest update. Either way, I'll boost for more insight.

@BeAware Thanks for the boost! I am using the latest update, but to clarify, I’m trying to reply to someone else on Mastodon (or another Fediverse platform) with a new WP post, but when it gets to Mastodon / the other platform it doesn’t display as a reply to their post. This worked fine before the latest update so I do wonder if there’s a conflict raised by the update or if maybe the reply just hasn’t yet propagated outward to other servers. I’ll raise an issue on GitHub if it persists.

To those who use the plugin and also are using the or plugins as a way to reply to toots: Or is it just me or has anyone noticed that recently (last week or so, maybe longer) isn’t threading the incoming reply?

It may just me. My integration seems to fail a lot in various ways, whether it’s my posts not being sent onward to inboxes or the Post Kinds URL metabox sometimes not saving URLs for replies or likes, but I’d like to see if there’s some larger issue going on.

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My dad has spent some of his retirement doing hobbyist machine learning projects. He heard the term “data lake” a while back and has taken to calling his datasets a “data swamp.” Feels like a terminology improvement the whole field could get behind.

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Because it is a little bit more tedious and clunky, I had stopped my habit of posting to #Mastodon through my #WordPress #blog. However, considering the shenanigans that got my account on banned, I am happy that I mostly blog. I think another reason why I stopped posting through my blog is that I’d like to think of my blog as serious and thoughtful. I did not want social media to take over my blog, so I used my account as a repository for mediocre thoughts and horny posting. People really should start to host and backup their own stuff. I would not have had access to any of the stuff that I've written if I did not use Mastodon like this, where there is some kind of redundancy in a space that I control. This post was posted through my WordPress account as a client. I do not think that I am going to repost my nudes, though. While the attention was flattering and it got me backfilled across a lot of instances since #gay men kept boosting it, too many people were following me strictly for those. I got a look into how gGmbH does things, though, and, honestly, it feels like a repeat of #Twitter. While I disagree with this premise, the United States' attitude on freedom of speech concerning bad speech, like misinformation, is more about promoting good speech. The idea is that people are able to debate ideas, and the consensus shifts towards the more optimal point. If we were dealing with a general selection process that is statistical, that would be correct. The problem on social media is that people with authority over the platforms start to artificially suppress and amplify content per their biases, which causes things to skew in a negative direction. Mastodon and #ActivityPub are built on the praxis of people hosting their own stuff and decentralization; however, gGmbH understands that decentralization is harder for people used to centralization to use, so they set the default server to, which drew a lot of criticism. That is old news and an old controversy. What I discovered today is that gGmbH actually has an internal blocklist that it shares with tightly federated instances and instances that it controls, which automatically suspends users even if they are on a different instance. Apparently, I am now on that list, but that is a blessing in disguise. Some of the shenanigans I was referring to earlier were random reply guys and trash people from 4chan and Twitter interacting with everything I posted in disturbing ways. The people from #Twitter, #Threads, and #TikTok are the ones who will probably sign up at, and since they cannot interact with me, I do not have to deal with them. In addition to that, the instance that I am currently on a a significantly larger limit, so it is better for the long content that I like to post. As a millennial who has always been a geek and has been involved with underground and alternative cultures, I've been online most of my life, which included spending a lot of time on forums and on #IRC. The early Internet was defederated, and all of the problems we are facing with how toxic things have become are a consequence of centralization and things being artificially suppressed or amplified. What is going on on Mastodon feels exactly like what caused Twitter to crash and burn. Am I surprised? No, I am not, which is why this is on my blog. gGmbH Shenanigans: #SocialMedia #disinformation #politics #uspol FWIW, you can modify WordPress to exclude the social stuff from the homepage if it’s in a certain category. This is what I do. Exclude the social category and then the homepage is reserved for the more serious stuff and it’s not flooded with social posts. I created a category page for the social feed if people want to see that.