The Dirty Antics of Some Telemarketers

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Rejoice for the new category!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, but just haven’t gotten to it. Today’s dymersion is about the (fairly) new antics some telemarketing people are pulling to try and get business. In particular, my sites are set on mortgage telemarketers.

I’m sure everyone’s gotten the call: the elusive telemarketer looking to have you get a mortgage. It’s happened for years, right. Well, it seems times have changed, and so have these kinds of salespeople. Now, I’ve only yet seen mortgage telemarketers do this; no other type of telemarketer seem to have the gall to try it. Why? Well, probably because most people have mortgages of some sort. Not everyone has a security system, for example, so they’re less likely to try it.

So, what is it these people are doing. Well, an example might go like so…
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