Well, I’m happy to report that the layout is finally all but complete complete, months after I started. Not much more has been added, but you might notice the header has a few more elements. They’re parts of the originally design, but I had a problem when I added them, and frustrated, I opted to leave them out. I finally got it to work correctly, so there is it.

You may also notice a change to the “Extras” section, in the form of the change of the “Not Including Images” italicized noticed below the Creative Commons notice to “Unless Otherwise Noted.” Early in the site’s life, I decided what I should do about images. I knew I wanted to CC license the site, including images and photos. Then I included an image taken not by myself, but by a family member. Not my work; I don’t own it, so I have no license to be including it with the CC works. So, I decided to have people contact me if they really wanted to use an image.

As not to inconvenience you, I’ve decided to try my best to note when images or photos are not mine. Images that are mine will be found in my photo gallery…if I remember to upload them to there. I’ll also try and make an effort to include a notice with images I post that are not mine. So, there it is.

For those not in the know, Creative Commons is a great way to license your information, an inbetween way of handling rights to works without 1) Having to deal with the hassle of people asking you if they can use your stuff and 2) Not giving away all your rights with public domain.

Of course, you could create your own license that’s similar, but why do that if you can find one that works? There is also the General Public License and its variants, but you have to include the actual license when you want to use the work. That’s another hassle. So, CC is just a different way to do things. There are different variants of the CC license, but for my site, you may copy, distribute, display, and perform any works that I license under it. You can also create derivative works, and use it for a commercial venture. However, you must attribute the work to me, and you must share alike – that is, you have to license the work under the same CC license. Also, like with the GPL, the work is still mine. You cannot claim it as your own.

So, there we go. I’m complemplating switching to Flikr for my photos. Not sure yet.

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