I have not yet had an opportunity to express my opinions on the television shows I watch. So, here goes. Oh, by the way, here be spoilers:

Battlestar Galactica
I thought this had an awesome season premiere. Two hours of non-stop action and drama. It’s just so easy to get into it. The Cylons are still there; some people are helping them, and some people are resisting. After a number of “terrorist” attacks, the Cylons get pissed, and basically force Baltar to sign an order to have a large number of people the Cylons consider to be a threat executed. Basically, it appears to be anyone with a link to Admiral Adama. Included in the group are Roslin, Zarek, and Cally. They didn’t show many other people, but I guarentee you most probably have a military connection.

I don’t know about some people, but even though I don’t think much of Baltar at the moment, I think he did the right thing signing that order. I may sound extreme saying it, but consider…if he hadn’t signed it, he’d be dead, and the Cylons would just gone through with it, anyway. His imaginary Six is right…he can now live to fight another day. I don’t think Baltar wants the Cylons there any more than the other humans do, except perhaps his girlfriend there.

As for the resistance itself, while I agree with its purpose, I don’t necessarily agree with its tactics. While a suicide bombing will send a message for sure, it’s sure not the right way to go about things, even if the targets are not the smartest people in the world. But, that’s just me.

Alright, enough blabbing about BSG. I thought the episode was great, good production values as always, and a good story arc going on.

I know some viewers have been going through withdrawls all summer waiting for more answers, and I expect they’re all at the hospital right now, since the premiere didn’t give many. I’m not in quite the same situation, since I, like many others, followed The Lost Experience. While not getting into too many details (or I risk being up all night), it did provide some crucial background on the events going on within Lost. Not enough to be relevant to the current situation on the show, though that could change later. Who knows?

Ok, so we learned that the Others really are relatively civilized, given their little village there. They may or may not have been involved with DHARMA, and if they were, they clearly don’t care anymore (or at least Juliet doesn’t). They have some other agenda now, which will still don’t know. They seem to be planning to do something with their captives, though we don’t know what, and from what I’ve read in summaries for upcoming episodes, will have to wait a couple episodes to find out. There’s a new DHARMA station, or so it seems. Now at least we know where the polar bears and possibly that shark came from.

As for the series itself, I do share the concern of some of my fellow viewers. They fear that interest may dwindle if they writers don’t start providing some more concrete answers. Although I don’t yet do it professionally, I’ve done television stuff for a while. I know that if you don’t get on with your story fairly quickly, people’s attention will go somewhere else. Most people can only take this kind of mystery for so long. Eventually the writers are going to have to cough up and provide something for us. They can’t keep going on with flashbacks forever, since that’s eventually going to run out. No one’s going to care about the origins of Jack’s strife with his father back when Jack was a teen (if that’s when it started). Please, ABC and Lost writers, don’t drag things out too long like you did with The Lost Experience. I fear that ratings will drop if we don’t start getting some answers in quicker succession. And if ratings drop too far, so will ABC’s generosity.

That’s what I have to say. I love the show, but we need to start getting into the real action soon. I love the backstory of the characters, but it will start to get boring after a while. I think we’re already about as done as we can be with most of the characters in terms of backstory.

I’ll do these collectively, since I want to get to bed tonight. Starting with CSI: Las Vegas – Man, they seem to have gotten past the Brass thing pretty quickly, aside from a fairly quick mention in one of the episodes. No more mention of Grissom-Sara, though I’m guessing that will come back later in the season, and probably not for good, especially if it involves Sara in danger. A lot about Catherine lately, what with her dad killed, and her daughter kidnapped. I expect that to come back later as well.

What I do find interesting, and I don’t if anyone remembers this, is that they never wrapped up the Nick-“Grave Danger” thing. You might remember that Grissom seemed to realize about mid-season that the dude who tried killing Nick might have had an accomplice. That thread never, ever, came back up. It was just left to dangle whilst we wondered who the hell was getting shot, and whether Grissom and Sara were going to get it on. I hope they wrap it up.

That said, I did like the last episode. Kinda strange, and done in a way that was different than most episodes. As for the series, I think it may begin to lose some steam this year. While it still leads in the ratings (though I think it lost some ground to Gray’s Anatomy for the first episode), I don’t see much more happening. I could be wrong, though. If it does stay on, I don’t know if William Peterson will remain on it much longer. His leaving has been hinted out for a couple seasons, and it may be coming.

CSI: Miami – Kick ass season premiere, though I fear Reggie Jr. could become a problem this season. I like Boa Vista as the new trainie CSI, though she’s already on some pretty rocky ground. She’s screwed things up in the first couple episodes (though so did Greg on CSI during his training), and she has some personal issues that seem to be getting in the way, unlike Sara on CSI, who’s merely hiding hers (though, probably not for long). I don’t like that the creepy ex-husband was following her around. Seemed almost stalkerish, and while they seemed to have come to a truce at the end of tonight’s episode, I don’t know. Could be another issue for her this season. Delko’s issues mostly seem to be over, aside from his relationship with Boa Vista. Ryan…Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I don’t what it is, but I fear something bad in his future. Not necessarily death, but he’s going to mess up in some way this season, or someone will find a way to get in his way. As for H…well, we never can really tell about him.

I think Miami is going to go strong for a while, and I see it taking over for CSI should that series go off the air in a season or two. I can’t comment on NY, since I never got into it.

DAMN…I really liked the mid-season finales of these. Lot of crap going on, what with Adria trying to get her way, and the Asurans theirs. I just hope the anti-Ori team can get some things wrapped up, or the producers are going to have to find a new network pretty quickly, if that’s possible. They have strongly hinted at another movie…maybe that’s what it’ll be, the final struggle against the Ori. Assuming Jack’s still alive over in the Pegasus galaxy, I’d like to see him in such a movie. I like to think his is, since the Asurans could learn a lot from him, given his experiences. As for them, those bastards need a serious anti-Replicator gun to the face. Though, something tells me that might be too easy of an answer…look at the Replicators themselves. They’ll be back, even if the Atlantis team can get them away from Atlantis.

Though I didn’t see the first episode, I have seen the last two, including tonight’s. It seems to be a promising new series. Unlike Invasion and Lost on ABC, it’s providing some answers more quickly, which could be a strong point. Seems like we’ll be seeing the first of the connections between the main characters next week, so I look forward to it.

Ok, that’s enough out of me. Have a good night.

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