Just got back from voting, so I thought I might take a little time to update. In my previous entry, I made my predictions, and I’ll stand by them for now…at least until the results start coming in.

I found a pretty cool way to get to the polls today: limo ride! The Campus Democrats sponsored the event, in which eligible voters were able to ride a stretch limo to the local Windham Middle School, the location of the polls for campus registrants.

I ended up changing one of my votes last minute. I was leaning toward Rob Simmons for the U.S. House 2nd District, but I changed it to Joe Courtney. Overall, I voted for mostly Democratic candidates except for Governor, in which Rell did indeed get my vote.

I will be back here from about 5-7, and then at least 9:45 to midnight, to update with current results, who’s calling what, and if I think they’re right or wrong and more! Stay tuned.

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