This week, and last, really has been one thing after another.  For the past two weeks, I edited two ten minute videos for an abstract poetry performance taking place.  As late as Wednesday of last week, I was very nervous that they wouldn’t get done.  However, I put in the hours, and they’re now done and ready.  So, today we set it all up.  Were there from 11:30 to 5:30.  Was hell of a time setting it up, because the video was overmodulated.  Then we had to play the waiting game for a couple people.  But, we got it all done, and I made it back just in time for the news.

Tomorrow is the actual production, and it’s going to be crazy.  10 minutes of Chibeau doing his stuff, then 10 of this video playing.  I get to play the role of documentarian for a documentary I’ll be doing starting next week.  It should be fun.

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