It’s six years after the attacks of 9/11/01. I’ve spent some of my day thinking about where I was that day, and how I felt. I was in study hall, and after a teacher from across the hall came over to our room and spoke our study hall teacher, the teacher turned on the classroom television. I had been studying for a vocabulary quiz before then, but after the TV was turned on, I couldn’t seriously do anything but gaze at what was unfolding before me.

All of the 9/11 days in the years since the attacks are special, and worthy of thinking back on that day, and the good people who died. However, I think this one is extra special because it is the first Tuesday, September 11th since the one on which the attacks occurred. So, some day, month, and day of week since it happened.

R.I.P. All Who Died on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001

In honor of all who died on the day, and the soldiers since then who’ve died in Afghanistan and Iraq, this, and all future 9/11 entries will go under the “Independence Week” category.