I was just catching the end of Hannity and Colmes.  Hannity was promoting a video that’ll be on his other show on Sunday, saying it’ll EXPOSE THE HYPOCRISY OF GLOBAL WARMING TOTING LIBERALS!!!!!1  Colmes was trying to get Hannity to explain if the video is going to disprove human-influenced elements of global warming, and Colmes would not answer the question!  He just kept promoting the video.  I think it really shows who’s in charge of the show.

Why is it when liberals swerve around a question, a conservative will call them on it, and sometimes viciously.  But, Hannity can do refrain from answering a simple question?  There’s hypocrisy if I’ve seen it.  Yea, democrats attack people on swerving away from a question, too.  But, it seems that conservatives, especially Fox News conservatives, really go after people for it.  Can’t wait to see the video in any case.  Probably it’ll attack some rich person who’s an environmental preservation champion,  but lives in a mansion.  John Edwards by any chance?

On the home front, I’m now well settled back into my dorm.  There’s not so much hypocrisy going on here as there is incompetence.  For the second year in a row, I’ve been robbed of my payrate.  I was supposed to be making $9.65 an hour at my work.  Well, I have my supervisor sign my authorization form, and bring it to student employment.  They tell me I’m not hired.  Well, I know that’s not true, since my advisor sent in his paperwork, and told me so.  So, I go back to him and tell him what I was told.  He calls SE, and they tell him I’m not hired since I’ve gotten a raise?  “What raise?” he says.  “I’m hiring him at the same rate as the new lab assistant.  Some bologna about work study (which I now hate…I’d much rather be on operating fund).  So, after all that talk, I’m back at $9.00.

So, I got thinking the other night.  Who cares how much I’m making an hour?  With work study, I can’t make any more money than has been allocated, anyway.  What does it matter if I get to that amount on $9.00 an hour or $9.65 an hour?  Apparently, Student Employment does.  I just wish there was some way I could be put on operating fund.  Someone else can have my work study, I don’t care.  I just want to make $9.65 an hour, like was advertised for the position.  This is the second year you people have taken money away from me.  Try pulling that kind of thing in the so-called “real world,” and the labor boards would eat you up.

If getting “punk’d” out of pay wasn’t enough, the cable company decided they weren’t greedy enough already, and had to pull something, too.  Usually, they come to campus the first week to sell cable service to students.  Unlike UConn, we don’t have it incorporated into our tuition, though it’d undoubtedly be easier that way.  Last year, they were in the support services building (home to the infamous Student Employment).  This year, they had some really good deals, compared to previous years.  Well, what do I have to do to get these deals?  Not go to support services like last year, but to the parking lot of the baseball field.  Not, unlike most campuses, they baseball field isn’t on the main campus.  Instead, it’s over a mile away, separated by a major U.S. highway off-ramp.  Not that you’ll get killed passing it on foot, but come on!  If they want to get the most students for their time, they should actually be in a location that’ll get them out and buying cable!  Going to the baseball was stupid, although from what I overheard, it worked for the most part.  Luckily, I was able to get a ride there, so I now have cable.  But come on Charter, don’t be stupid again.  Not that I care anymore personally, since this is the last time I’ll have to get it myself.

Also, can’t wait for tomorrow.  New computer day!  Finally, I’ll have Firewire ports, and am looking into getting some kind of editing program.  Something better than Windows Movie Maker, anyway.  Probably it’ll be Adobe, but we’ll see.  Sony’s express Vegas program is looking pretty nice, too.  I am a little worried about how long this computer will last (since people seem to say it doesn’t live up to how much it costs), but I consider that the computer has had both memory and hard drive replaced in not too long of a period, and that gives me some hope.  Not that I like that two major hardware components were replaced in a relatively short time.  On the other hand, I know they were replaced with quality components, so we’ll see how things go.

Time to get ready for bed.

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