I have received some very positive commentary on a couple of the questions I submitted for the CNN/YouTube Republican debate, and I cannot be happier that I decided to participate.  Commentary is obviously no guarantee any of my questions will get chosen for the debate (which would be an awesome thing to happen), but I’m just happy to know that people took a look at them.

I do plan on submitting some more questions in the coming weeks, and I’ll probably touch on some other hot button issues as illegal immigration and abortion.  However, with the slew of other people asking these same questions, I want to be creative.  Ever sine I submitted it, I haven’t seen any questions asking the candidates to choose one mistake they’ve made during their terms, and tell the lessons from it.  There could be some out there, who knows, but I have yet to see it.  So, I hope to really focus on more questions such as that one.  Something that could get the candidates really thinking.

Since, honestly, any candidate can just repeat a platform position that anybody could look up.  But when they have to start getting honest with voters about their past, I think it can really show their character.  It is true that they could just simply deflect the question, but I hope they would not, as that too would be a show of character.

So, in conclusion, I’m happy with what people have said, and though I was planning on doing so anyway, seeing that really makes me want to continue submitting questions.  Prepare to see more in the coming weeks!

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