Though I didn’t exactly find it unexpected, I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of choice in DVD Recorders with Hard Drives. I think the main reason is that DVRs from the cable and satellite companies beat them out, but I still thought there might be more out there.

Phillips has a model out that’s decent, although it lacks an electronic programming guide or an IR Blaster (which changes the channel for you). So, you’re essentially stuck changing the cable box channel yourself.

Then, that’s it. There’s a couple others out there, but they’re either not available or extremely expensive. Panasonic was in the lead for a while with the systems, but then they withdrew from the market. I wasn’t too happy to see that, since they make a great product.

So, I guess the Philips will have to do. I had contemplated going the cable company DVR route, but then my DVD/VCR combo went on the blitz. The VCR went before the semester even began, and then the DVD started going about halfway through. So, I need something to play DVDs. Getting this system will also allow me to record to DVD shows I’d like to keep.

So, I’m off to bed, to wake up tomorrow to go shopping for the one I want.

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