The games are about to begin…

There’s been some news of great importance to me since I last posted.  The latest polls in my state of Connecticut shows that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are now in a toss-up for the win here.  This up from an earlier better showing for Clinton.

Personally, I am not entirely sure who I want to win the Democratic nomination.  I could essentially take either Clinton or Obama, although I am not happy about some of the tactics the campaign was using earlier before South Carolina.  I am definitely edging toward Obama at this point in time.   On the Republican side, it’s McCain or nobody for me.

I like him because, even though I may not agree on everything he stands for, the man isn’t afraid to reach across the aisle.  Unlike Romney, he’s been more consistent on the issues .  There’s that lingering tax cut flip-flop, but if you go for him on that, you have to go on Clinton for Iraq, and I don’t fault her for that.  Heck, I supported the Iraq war at the time.  I’m not sure you can find a lot of people who didn’t.  Obama wasn’t in the Senate at the time, so it’s easy for him to say he didn’t support the war, because he never had the opportunity to vote on it.  So, McCain is willing to go against the party line on some issues, and I like him for that reason.

So, Obama or Clinton I’ll take (though more Obama than Clinton), and McCain.  Romney is the poster boy of the conservatives since Huckabee’s fall, and I just feel like voting for him is bringing back some of the similar Bush policies.  Huckabee is over with, and though I have no disdain for those of faith, I don’t like what he’s said about wanting to making the constitution closer to the Bible.  And Paul…eh…

The games are about to begin, so join me tomorrow during my coverage of the results!

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