Well, it’s finally Super Tuesday, and indeed the games have begun.

If anybody was expecting a presumptive nominee for each party tonight, I think they’re going to be disappointed.  Both Democrat and Republican candidates are in a fight for their viability in this race.

Easier to claim viability will be both Democratic candidates, who I think are likely to come out pretty much neck and neck, despite who actually comes out the leader tonight.  I think all will be able to happen is we’ll be able to tell who has momentum coming into the races over the next month.

For the Republicans, I think tonight is really going to whittle down the pack.  Even though Huckabee is doing better than expected, I think tonight is really going to show where he’s going.  He is doing well in the South, and it’s a credit to him to be doing so well there.  However, I’m just not convinced that in terms of delegates, he can catch up with McCain and Romney at this point.  I could be wrong here, though, and that somehow Huckabee pulls through tonight.  I do think, though, that Huckabee would be an asset to whoever does win the nomination.

Romney and McCain are really fighting it out in a lot of states, but like with the Democrats, it’s hard to tell who’s going to clinch the momentum.  Yet, like with the Democrats, I think that’s about all we’ll be able to get tonight.  There’s going to be no presumptive.

Personally, I’m rooting for whoever the Democrats have vs. McCain.  On issues alone, and his ability to reach across the aisle, I like him the best.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything on him about Iraq, and after looking like he’d fight against the bill that pretty much approved waterboarding, he went with it.  Still, he has some things about him I don’t like.  He does seem a little arrogant.  And I’ve also rediscovered the controversy about him related to being in support of normalizing relations with Vietnam, even though there are probably still some POWs over there.  Still, in any match-up, I’d probably rather have him than anyone else.  So, we’ll see how well he does tonight.

The games continue…

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