Well now that I’ve officially become an alum of ECSU, I suppose it’s time to briefly describe my actual graduation.

I say briefly because, to be honest, it won’t be the most memorable day of my life.

First, I only got three hours of sleep, so the entire day is one big blur that I can’t remember well.

Then, the actual graduation was laden with audio issues! The initial speakers made the person’s voice sound like an alien, and the replacement ones brought up (my old department to the rescue!) were better, but kept getting this pulse sound through them for the rest of the event.

So, a graduation with long gaps in people talking, audio issues, and little sleep combined to be kind of sucky.

The speakers were good, though, and that beach ball was a laugh, if a little disrespectful at times. I thought it worked to break up the long wait on the speaker replacements, but not so much when the speakers were talking!

Oh well. There will be other events to remember.

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