Now, I’m a second amendment supporter, as in, the personal freedom interpretation of the second amendment. I wouldn’t support any “militia-only” interpretation of it.

But some people ought to go out and buy some tin foil, so they can make themselves a hat.

Like the commenters here at Michelle Malkin’s place. Many of them are of the “OMG! If a Dem wins, they’re gonna take my gun away!” train of thought.

These are the same type of people who are clearly covering their houses with the metal, because they think we’re going to convert to the amero and give our sovereignty to Mexico.

Try again, kids.

With their guns and tin foil armor, they’ll be protected!

2 thoughts on “Cars and Guns

  1. Well, it might be unclear that Obama could muster the political wherewithal to actuall ACCOMPLISH any gun control, but it is absolutely clear he favors GUN BANS.

    He has publicly advocated bans on the sale, manufacture, and ownership of firearms.

    He did not, and will not, oppose the DC Gun Ban.

    He dishonestly claims support for 2nd Amendment Rights while consistently voting to infringe them.

    Either he is both dishonest and in favor of gun bans.

    Not someone anyone who respects the Constitution would want to elect.

  2. I probably should have clarified. I am in support of the second amendment, but do think it should be harder for those with proven mental illnesses to get them. To prevent the likes of another Virginia Tech shooting.

    Now, to the issue at hand of supporting him. I know his record isn’t the best, but while I do support gun ownership, it isn’t exactly the highest on my list of priorities, not being a gun owner myself. So, it doesn’t weigh as heavily in my mind as it might a gun owner.

    So, while I disagree with him on that issue, it doesn’t make me like him that much less.

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