You know, I could have spent a lot of time typing up all the notes I took on what was said by the LP candidates at the debate…or I could just link you to this very awesome live-blogging coverage of it by Stephen Littau at The Liberty Papers. I’ve been reading their blog a bit, and I do think it’s going in my feed reader!

All in all, I was impressed by the debate. It was nothing like the ones you see on the mainstream media. Most of the questions were policy-based, and all the candidates got a chance to answer all the questions. None of this favoritism stuff you see with the MSM, where the frontrunners get to answer all the questions and the “second-tier” candidates only have a few minutes of speaking time. How a debate really should be: a place where everybody’s views can be heard. I haven’t made up my mind who I thought won the debate. The trouble is that they all mostly agreed with each other, with very few differences. Except for a few shots at their rivals, with former GOP Congressman Bob Barr taking most of the heat, they all pretty much sounded the same to me.

I must say, the Libertarian Party really caught my attention tonight. Coming from someone who’s fed up with the two-party duopoly in this country, that may not be so surprising to anyone who reads this blog. But to me, who thought they’d never consider joining a political party again, it really is something.

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