Indiana and North Carolina, listen up!

I like politics.  I really do.  I love learning about what the politicians in my state and the federal government are doing.  I love analyzing the bills that came before them, and deciding if they’re good or bad.  I love following elections, especially ones that rejuvenate the American interest in participating in them.

What I don’t like are long, drawn out elections, where the two candidates are damaging themselves (one candidate more than the other I think).  Now, I can appreciate the democratic process.  Holding the primaries to select a candidate is definitely a good thing.  Better than party leaders selecting for themselves.

But the process is too drawn out.  You have all these states who get to decide early on, and then a bunch right at the end who, depending on earlier results, may feel disenfranchised if one candidate is leading early on.  Look at the Republican party: they already have their candidate, and thus the later primaries are rendered meaningless.

Back on the Democratic side, the later primaries definitely are not rendered meaningless, thanks to the proportional representation, but they are threatened by the fact that one could become the inevitable candidate.

Such a thing could happen today, if either Obama or Clinton were to pull forward by a lot.  The math seems to indicate this is unlikely to be Clinton, but who really knows?

I said this about Pennsylvania, but even though Clinton did really good there, it was no landslide.  She got momentum, but didn’t become the clear leader.  So, I think today needs to be that day.  Voters in Indiana and North Carolina, please show us today where this nomination is headed.  I crave to know.

Unfortunately, the polls seem to show that she will get Indiana and he will get North Carolina, but as noted yesterday, the polls are all over the place.  Not one poll concurs with another.  So, my hopes for clear direction may be dashed after seeing the results tonight.

But, if you two states could get together and make a clear decision, I think a lot of people will breath a sigh of relief.  Not to mention one of the two candidates.  People will see where things are headed, and the later states will still have a job to do in electing their favored candidate.

So, all the primary voters in Indiana and North Carolina: give us a clear sense of where things are headed, please!

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