Hillary Clinton can’t be feeling very good right now.  I intended to start this entry two minutes ago, but then decided to make dinner first real quick.  Two minutes ago, she was up six in Indiana.  I come back, and she’s only up four now!

This is absolutely amazing.  After all the vicious Jeremiah Wright scandal coverage, the flimsy connection to former terrorist and anti-American Bill Ayers, the self-return of Reverend Wright and his throwing of Obama under the bus, the loss in Pennsylvania, and the very vicious campaign that Clinton is putting against Obama, the returns we’re seeing tonight are absolutely amazing.

Like some other states, Obama was widely believed to lose Indiana by a large amount several weeks before hand.  Then, in the day or two leading up to the election, the polls were all over the place.  Some had him losing by a lot, and others statistically tied.

Yet, in all the results I’ve seen tonight, Clinton’s gone from winning by double digits, to six, and now she’s up by only four.  She’s not gone up very much all night.  I really don’t understand it, at least, by following all the news over the past few days.  All the demographics seemed to indicate a huge Clinton win.  The likes of Rush Limbaugh were said to be sending out the Republican troops to switch sides and vote for Clinton in an open primary.

Yet, here we are, at 20 to 10pm EDT, and he keeps moving up in the percentage.  I’m sorry Hillary, you just didn’t do so well tonight.  You lost North Carolina, probably by 20% or so, and may win Indiana, but certainly not by much.

I’d be very interested in seeing the exit polls from Indiana, which CNN or anyone else doesn’t seem to be talking about.  I want some demographics for Indiana, because I can understand North Carolina, but Obama has to have had some widespread support in Indiana for any of this to make sense.

I look forward to watching the coverage tonight, but I must say one thing…this morning I asked for some direction from the voters today.  For them to give us something that will determine the general direction of the nomination.  Well, it’s certainly not anything clear, but I must say, it’s close enough.

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