You ever have a point where you’re in a hurry to get something done because, I don’t know, you’re late on an assignment, family is coming over, or maybe a moving crew is arriving in half an hour!?

The last one was me on Saturday morning.  On Friday, we had basically gotten everything off most of the shelves in the front of my parent’s store in preparation for the moving crew.  However, the back was not yet complete.  When my dad went back there at night, he spent a long time cleaning out his desk, but never got to anything else.  So, it ended up pretty much falling to me on Saturday morning to clear out a showcase, two counters up front, and all the counters and shelves in the back.

I thought I was going to be playing a racing game with the movers, but luckily it didn’t turn out that way.  They had to go back and forth between the buildings with a load one time, so I had more time to clear off counters that I originally thought.

Now all the major necessities have been moved, and we’ll be open for business on Monday.  Need your computer repaired or have something you want to sell on consignment?  Then we’ll see you at 472 Center St.

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