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CBS News reports that radical eco-activist Marie Mason has been sentenced to 22 years on charges of arson, setting off an explosive fire in 1999 at Michigan State University’s Agricultural Hall.  Here’s the details:

At MSU, Mason and Ambrose targeted a campus office that held records on research related to moth-resistant potatoes for poor parts of Africa. Computers, file cabinets and desks were doused with a flammable liquid. Vapors contributed to an explosion, and the fire got out of control.

The explosion burned Mason’s hair and prevented her from finishing the message, “No GMO,” on a wall, a reference to genetically modified organisms.

“Pure luck” prevented the couple from being killed, Assistant U.S. Attorney Hagen Frank said. “Did that deter Ms. Mason? Not one bit. She celebrated it. Her community celebrated it.”

Someone innocent could have been killed, and Mason almost was.  Her husband, who turned informant for the FBI, was given nine years.

Of course, the actions are pretty disturbing.  But almost or as much as disturbing is where the apparent facts lead one reading the story.  Mason will serve time in a domestic prison.  Perhaps a high security prison.  And that’s unconscionable.  Because lets not forget: Mason is a terrorist.  And well, as we’ve been told, we can’t have terrorists held on U.S. soil.

Lets go back to the story:

Speaking near the end of a three-hour hearing, Mason said she had been “misguided” and was sorry for those who were frightened by her actions. “I meant to inspire thought and compassion, not fear,” she told the judge.

This fake plea for sympathy didn’t deter U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney, who ended up giving Mason 22 years, two more than argued for by the prosecution.  His rationale?

Marie Mason decided to “elevate her grievances beyond the norms of civilized society” through fire and destruction, U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney said. The case _ which was prosecuted as domestic terrorism _ was “about an abandonment of the marketplace of ideas,” he added.

And lets not forget the fact she and her extemist eco-terrorneenies celebrated the destruction that Mason’s arson caused.  Obviously, given the chance, Mason would cause this destruction again if she got out.

But, can you imagine what would happen if she escaped out of a high security prison?  As we’ve been told, they’re almost always built next to a nuclear power plant.  Lets not forget that far left eco-nincompoops like Mason hate nuclear power.  If Mason got out – with her anti-government sentiments – the destruction she could cause might be immeasurable.  We cannot let that happen, so there’s only one solution in this case.

Ship her off to Guantanamo Bay.

It’s obvious.  That’s where we’ve been holding other terrorists, and we’ve had an awesome track record there.  And don’t try to argue with me.  Mason acted against the United States with intent to terrorize and kill to prove her point.  Like the people we’ve pulled off battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, Mason hates our freedom and way of life.  And we’ve been told what measures must be taken with these types of radicals.

So, they could send her over to Gitmo, maybe perform a little waterboarding in order to find out where her fellow eco jerks are hiding, and then send them there, too.  I’ve been assured that waterboarding always works, so there’s no doubt that Mason will be giving up factual names and locations in seconds.

As Guantanamo becomes less prominent in the global War on Terror, it’ll need a new purpose.  Radical eco-ninnies are more likely to feel emboldened with the new administration, so I think I’ve found a way to give it new life.

And save us all from terrorists, whom, we’ve been told, will be causing more attacks in years to come. That’s what Dick Cheney said recently.  Maybe this is what he meant?

Therefore, I call on the Obama administration to act swiftly on this matter.  Don’t keep a terrorist on U.S. soil, Mr. President.  It’s your job to protect us from these people.  Send Marie Mason to Guantanamo Bay now, and keep America safe.

(H/T Ed Morrissey)

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