Barack Obama recently responded to John McCain’s “Celeb” ad suggesting that Obama was too a huge celebrity but not ready to lead.

While I think the ad is effective in pointing out the hypocrisy of McCain calling him a celebrity, it’s still a character attack, and I think the old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” applies here.

Meanwhile, John McCain isn’t backing down from the “he’s a celebrity” brand of ads.

For me, McCain’s insistence on keeping to the celebrity argument is the same as Barack Obama keeping on repeating the “100 years” statement.

As an avid uploader to YouTube during the school year, Google Video was of little interest to me.  I’ve uploaded one video to there, but only because they accept videos that are longer.  Then ten-minute time limit was imposed after I first signed up for YouTube, and thus my first account is grandfathered.  However, when I went to go sign up for TV 22’s account, I found it imposed.  I was a little angry, but worked around it.

So, I was interested to see this article: Why Won’t Google Video Just Die? on

The basic premise is that YouTube might be bringing back longer video times, as its testing it out right now.  I hope they do, since 10 minutes if often not long enough.  And I can see why people don’t like Google Video: no way to collect videos under one user account, so people can see who owns what.