When Installing Plugins

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Just a quick note to myself for the future…

It is probably important to note that when installing a plug-in, to first make sure it has a php version for the dynamic rendered sections! I found this out the hard way, and for an awesome plug-in too, the Sidebar Manager. Hopefully it’ll come out with one soon. That is all.


Get Your Daily Dose of Questionable Content

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Quite the double entendre in the title, yea? *Cough* Get your mind out of the gutter!

But, really, I’ve had a link to the awesome Questionable Content to your right since at least January 6th, and have yet to explain it. QC is a webcomic by Jeph Jacques that’s all about the lives of an indie music listening, East Hampton, MA residing, early twenties (although a couple of the characters are still in the *-teen years) group of people. If I recall correctly, the comic was started as a commentary of the music the author has listened to, and this commentary still pops up every now and then, but the comic has since developed its own unique and complex story, full of love, heartbreak, life, the universe, everything, and a great deal of hilarity to fill the spaces inbetween. I rarely listen to indie music myself, but the rest of the story attracted my attention enough that I’ve been reading it since shortly before I graduated high school in 2004.

The comic has been going on since late 2003 and currently is running a smooth tenure with 533 strips. Definitely worth a read. I’d recommend it!



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Well, since I last wrote something, I’ve gotten this thing mostly compliant. XHTML wise, it’s all compliant up to version 1.1. CSS wise, I’ve gotten compliant in that there are no more major errors, but there are still a good amount of warnings. Umm, ok, so probably noone cares, but thought I’d give an update. In other news, the tweaking of the blog layout still goes on.

A real blog post will follow shortly.


Troublemakers at Invisionize, Parts 1-3

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All right, so ranting probably isn’t the best content I could put on here, but ah well, I need an outlet for this. I’m a Management member at Invisionize, an Invision Power Board resource site. As part of my job, I have to deal with misbehaving members. Well, recently, there have been two in particular that have gotten on my nerves. No need to name names, but the members in question seem to think they can go around the forums and chatroom and say anything they want, without consequence. Now, normally I’m laid back- I’m all for giving people a second chance, and may a third or fourth chance. However, the reoccuring behavior of these members have changed my view a bit. It’s become clear to me that unless we show them that such behavior won’t be tolerated, that they’ll continue misbehaving. However, even force may not make any improvement with these members.

Currently, one of them is in the mod queue, meaning his posts have to be reviewed by a moderator before appearing on the site. Well, that didn’t seem to give him a hint, since he is still being sarcastic in his first post after the mod queue was activated. This member has also been banned from the IRC network by myself for rudeness to staff. This is his second time in less than a month! Last time it was for verbal sexual harassment to a gay member. The scary part is that he used to be a staff member on the site! However, after he left us for another site, and then came back a short time later, his personality completely different.

I’ve said a lot about one of the members, but the other has a laundry list of things going against him. It’s not so much an infracting, but he used to continually annoy me asking to be on staff. In addition, he’s spammed and verbally attacked other members. These days, most of his infractions tend to involve the use of inappropriate avatars and signatures, the avatar infraction he’s done twice now. He’s also no better than the first member in our chatroom.

Now, I’m not looking for suggestions as what to do with these two, or pushing to know why they’re not banned yet. Like I said, I’m laid back in my moderation style, as are the rest of the staff, to a point. On the other hand, any of you who think banning seems like a prime option are right. These two are certainly close enough.

Click the “Read More” link to see the other two installments of Troublemakers at Invisionize
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Well, pretty much anyway. Done in the sense that the major work on the blog layout and color scheme has been finished. However, expect there to be some small tweaks here and there over time.

Besides the layout, I’ve added the “Suggested Reading” block over to your right, along with the infamous “About” link. Nothing special, but if you’re bored at some point, give it a read. There will be more there as time goes on, but for now, it’s a start.

Now on to some real blogging.


Welcome to Dymersion 2006

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I figured I might as well make a first post from this side of the year line as well. As you might see, I’ve begun ushering both the new year, and a new look here on the website. Hope you like it.