America the Beautiful 2

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I was going to write something new for this year, but I was reading the one I wrote last year, and decided it would suffice:

I love my country. I do. I may not agree with all the decisions the government makes, but that’s what makes this country great. The fact that we’re allowed to disagree with the government is what makes it great. Today, I’ll speak briefly about my optimistic view of the past, present, and future of the U.S.A.

Merry old Britain found that out in 1776 when some damn rebels started fighting their forces. Several years later, we have a new country starting to creep its feelers around and get a sense of itself. Since then, this country has been through quite a bit – wars, attacks (though, relatively few compared to some other countries), epidemics, economic depression, and national disgraces – but Americans have always pulled through like troopers. And, it’s been through a lot of good stuff, too. We pulled ourself through a period of disgraceful action with the abolition of slavery, and later on, accepting all our fellow men (and women) as equals (well, more or less). We’ve done a lot of good in the world, helping those who need help, and trying to spread democracy throughout the world. We’ve brought a lot of new innovation to the world (listen up iPhone users) over the years, and will probably continue to do so for the coming future. We haven’t been perfect, but who’s is? Certainly not the U.S., but no one else, either.

The last few years have seen some dark times, but we continue to live our lives. We know that by not doing so, the bad guys win. It’s as simple as that. Some things have come down the pike that would perhaps change the way we live, but Americans are not stupid. We know when things are going against how we like it, and then we let ourselves be heard. And we have, and that’s what makes us great. For, if we get together and shout loudly enough, we are heard. And then our leaders must act. So has it been in the past, and so will it be for the future.

Speaking of the future, I foresee one that is bright. A future of peace and prosperity. A future where America still leads in the world (though perhaps with less influence than in the past, but we need some beating down in status, anyway). We’ll continue bringing innovation to the people. And we’ll continue becoming a freer society, with people allowed to live their lives as they see fit, not the government. Some people take a pessimistic view of the future, but I think that’s the wrong attitude to take. America is not destroying itself. We may slip and fall from time to time, but that’s part of growing up. You fall, and then learn from your mistakes. Likewise, America has taken some slips in the past, but has always risen from them, greater and better than ever. And so shall it be for the future. Long live the United States of America.

Happy 4th of July!

I still stand by what I said last year, because it’s all true.


Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day to everybody!  No matter what you think of the two current wars we’re in, or war in general, be sure to take time out today to think of, pray for, meditate on, talk about (whatever works for you) the soldiers who have sacrificed so much for this country!

Thank you.


Happy 2008!

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I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all!  May it be a good 2008!


New Years Resolutions

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Well, I figure now is as good as any to put these out there, and start acting on one of them. I have several things I wish to achieve in 2008, such as:

1) Blogging here more! I keep saying it, but I really intend to try. I’d like to be able to get in one a day, even if it’s just an update on my life, or if I see something interesting going on. I have access to this stuff via computer and cell phone, so I really have no excuse.

2) Get good grades. This is probably a universal for all school-going kids, grade or college. I didn’t do so hot in one of my classes this semester, and my work ethic in this one class has effectively destroyed another goal I had. It wasn’t a huge thing, nor will it impede my next resolution, but it would have been nice to include on a resume. I think I’ll get close to it once all is said and done, but I no longer have a chance at it.

3) Graduate. I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble here, and I’m within sight of it. I’m now on the last leg of such a journey, whose destination will arrive in May.

4) Get a full-time job. Something I want to do before #3 arrives is get a decent job. I say decent because I won’t delude myself into thinking it’ll be my dream job (I’m looking at you, History Channel). That reminds me that I need to update my resume a bit, adding on a couple things I’ve done since updating it last. I hope that my next resolution will help with this one, because I want to:

5) Connect in Vegas! Yes, for the second time in my college career, I will be going to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters convention and the Broadcast Education Association convention. They have a job fair there, and while it has not been quite up to snuff in past years, I’m hoping in 2008 is will be awesome. Besides any major companies that might be there, I hope to connect with people in general. I know it’ll come in handy down the road, so why not do it?

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to those making them, good luck on fulfilling your New Years resolutions!


Christmas 2007

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Merry Christmas to everybody! And if you don’t celebrate it, happy day off!


Merry Christmas

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And I mean it. Not Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Don’t like me saying that because you celebrate something else, or just want to be inclusive to others? Tough. Before you yell, hear me out.

I’ve covered this issue before, but I’ll quote what I said then, in case any far-left liberals got the willies off that entry because it included the name Bill O’Reilly.

I think the whole “you must be sensitive to other religions” things as crap. When I say “Merry Christmas,” I mean it in its most secular sense, since I don’t really submit to the whole religion thing. Christmas has become secularized enough that saying that greeting shouldn’t be met with disgust, and I don’t think it does for the majority of Americans. Places like Walmart changing their greeting seem to only happen when a minority complain. On the other hand, I think the idea of a “War on Christmas” is equally as stupid. Yea, some places and people may want to push for a more “sensitive” America, but come on. I’ve already stated that I don’t think most people honestly care. Let the ACLU or whoever else bring it on – newsflash for them: bugger off.

I agree with Dave over at Blogography. I’m not religious, so when I say to you, “Merry Christmas,” I mean, “Enjoy the Christmas holiday however you live it.” That can mean going to church, opening presents, having food, or being with family. Whatever the significance of Christmas is to you, that’s how I mean it. For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, it means, “Enjoy it, because you probably have the day off like the rest of us.” In retrospect, I guess that can go under the first meaning as well, because that’s how people who don’t celebrate Christmas will probably be enjoying it, as an extra vacation day.

So, enjoy the holiday, but to the “we’ve gotta be inclusive” and the “we’ve gotta take back Christmas” sides, forget about it! It’s such a non-issue, so why waste your energy?

That said, Merry Christmas!



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Now, I’m not one to advocate telling corporations what to do in their day-to-day business (unless it’s illegal, unethical, or unhealthy), but there’s something that’s been bugging me for a couple weeks, and I know I’m not alone. Actually, it’s been bugging me for a lot longer, but the problem is getting worse. I’ll call it Holidayification, which I’ll define as going to the extremes to get an upcoming holiday in people’s minds. Generally, it covers most major holidays, but specifically, I’ll discuss Christmas.

I first noticed it several years ago, but this year has taken the cake. I think I first noticed Christmas displays going up a few weeks ago, maybe the second week of October. Now, I know corporations consider Christmas as a huge part of yearly profits, but is starting your marketing that early necessary? Do corporations really think getting the idea through our heads earlier and earlier going to make us spend more money for Christmas? My answer is…it’s probable. Their thinking is that by getting into people’s minds that Christmas is coming up that they’ll buy more. There may be other reasons for starting earlier, such as increasing population. By starting earlier, the increasing amount of people in the country will be able to get their Christmas decorations and presents.

However, I do see some problems with my previous ideas. I think that corporations are likely to get more money just from an increasing population. Seems simple to me; more people = more money. So the reason might seem to lean more to the burgeoning population. However, even with a larger population, it seems to me that people still don’t really seem to start buying for Christmas until Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. They’re busy worrying about Halloween and then Thanksgiving. So, there must be some other reason I’m not thinking of.

So, there must be a good reason for doing it, even if I do think the whole idea is a bit ridiculous. For example, this Sunday, my local Walgreens was playing Christmas music. I thought displays were bad, but now music? I mean, come on! If anything, they ought to be playing Halloween music. I don’t know. I just worry that we’ll soon be hearing Christmas music before the 4th of July. If it ever comes to that, I do expect a lot of Americans to put their foot down, given the importance of the 4th. Indeed, if it ever were to happen, I’d put forth a special version of Independence Week, shaming all the companies who are desecrating that holiday with their corporatization.

Dymersion Video update: My second time in front of the camera during a newscast went very well.  As I mentioned on Monday, I’m going to use my appearance on the show’s editorial segment as this week’s episode, so expect that uploaded to my YouTube channel sometime tomorrow.


All Hallow’s Eve

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Tonight I did something I haven’t done for several years…went costume shopping.

I loved going out trick-or-treating as a kid, but once I grew older, I knew the fun had to stop. So, I relegated myself to behind-the-scenes candy duty, which was alright in itself, giving out candy to kids, and seeing them dress up every year. Never thought I’d see myself in a costume again.

Then I turned 21. I’ve been trying to get out more this year, since I know it’s the last year I’ll really be able to have some fun. So, I’ve been trying. Still far from being a huge partier, but that’s all right. Well, I got invited to a costume party on Halloween, so I know I should be a good sport and dress up.

So, I went to Walmart with the idea of finding a complete costume set. Turns out it didn’t work out so well. So, I ending up having to combine what I was able to buy (pirate shirt, patch, gun, and cloak) with my suit shirt, paints, and shoes. I thought it might look silly, but it actually turned out pretty nice. Not bad for a little improvisation. I am a little disappointed that Walmart didn’t have a sword though. I can’t be a pirate without one! So, tomorrow, I’m going to head to CVS and see if I can pick one up. If not, it’ll probably be back to Walmart, though I don’t know if my luck will be any more. But, I’ll try.

So, for the first time in years, I’m celebrating Halloween again. Just in a little more of an adult style.

P.S. This week’s Dymersion Video episode won’t be available until the end of the week at least.  This is because I’m doing an editorial for the news show I participate in at school (making one of my rare on-camera appearances).  So, it’ll double as this week’s Dymersion Video (and one of the best visually looking ones to date).


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