Well, the time we (my family) has feared for some time seems to be upon us. I’ll start at the beginning:

Last fall my dog, B.J. began to develop a tumor in her belly. When my parents took her to the vet, they were told they could operate, but there were no guarentees it would work. Well, we simply did not have the money for such a thing, so they chose to let B.J. live out her final months until it was too painful for her. So, they were told we had until Christmas. Some present, right?

Well, now it’s June, and I think it’s a blessing that she’s been with us for this long. Well, late last week, she started not eating. As I saw yesterday, she is having trouble walking (due to lack of food, that is, if she hasn’t injured herself), she’s throwing up everywhere (I first noticed it on Friday), and…she’s just really not well. My parents were told she’d eventually probably hemorrage, and I think that time is here, if not close. My dad thinks that this week is her last, and I’m inclined to agree, though, we’ll put her to sleep to alleviate pain I’m sure.

This is the pet I’ve know since my middle school years, and I’ll be sad to see her go. On the other hand, she’s had a long life compared to some of her other little. A few weeks after they got her, my parents got a call from the Humane Society, saying that most of her litter developed some disease, and that those puppies were dead. Only she and one other puppy lived. So, if I have to give her one outstanding quality, it’d have some perseverence. She stayed alive then, and then again after the doctor’s prognosis. She’s also rather good a begging. But, unfortunately, I don’t think that quality is helpful anymore, and it hurts me to see it. However, I also know that she’s led a long life, so though it’ll be sad to see her go, I’ll try and remember the good times.

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