Sacrifice for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

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So, I’m sacrificing a little bit in order to go Greece…television! Ok, so it’s not such a big deal, I suppose, but here’s what’s starting while I’m gone…

24! It’s starting Sunday, January 14th, and continuing January 15th. I don’t get back until the 16th! Why must the fates condemn me as such?! I’ll also probably be missing a couple Miamis, and maybe a Without a Trace. I don’t seem to be missing a CSI: Las Vegas (one will play before I leave, though), which is good.

Battlestar Galactica and Heroes don’t start back up until I’m back at Eastern. Oh, and can someone explain to me why SciFi now has me choosing between Battlestar Galactica and Without a Trace? Luckily, my dorm room’s VCR can tape one show whilst I watch another. Too bad, WaT…you’re getting watched at 11 on Sundays when you come back, instead of 10.


RIP Gerald Ford and Other Stuff

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Going to leave this one uncategorized, since I don’t feel it right to group it with my political and societal rants. The first part of this entry is hereby my memorial to President Gerald Ford. Agree with him or not, the man had balls to pardon Nixon. Lost him the election two years later, but from all I’ve read, he never wanted the top seat anyway, so I doubt it affected him too much. A man who got a lot done in a short amount of time, given that he had to handle the scandal’s aftermath and overseeing the end of the Vietnam War. A man who has my props because he opposed the reasoning for going to war in Iraq (though he never said anything about it publically!). Overall, a man who inherited a position and nation in turmoil and did what he thought was best. Rest in peace, Gerald Ford.

In other news, less than two weeks until Greece! Once I get back, I’ll be sure to post photos up to here via Flickr, and on Facebook, MySpace, etc. In school news, grades are due tomorrow, so I should be shortly aware of how good or bad I did this semester. I just have a sense that this semester went particularly well, better than last semester. I have a good feeling I’m back in the running for Dean’s List, and I’m happy about that. I had two particularly hard courses (in terms of tests) Spring 2006, and that brought down my GPA a bit. I hope this will recover things, though I’m by no means in any danger zones, with a 3.6 GPA overall. I had three classes with relatively easy professors (two classes with the same professor), so I’m hoping that helps.

I’m in a little bit of a fight with financial aid figuring out why I’m being charged so much more on my bill for next semester than I was for this past one. The quoted ‘anticipated financial aid’ is a significant amount less than it was last semester, and I’m unsure why. This is, of course, affecting me, since I have a lot of financial crap going on at the moment, stuff converging which I admit I had known, but hadn’t expected quite so much. I need to pay this bill by the 31st, then I have to get a meal plan and books, which, giving myself an extremely liberal quote for the books if I can find them online, will amount to a good $590. Add to what I need to pay for school tuition, and making sure I have a decent amount to bring to Greece, and I’m going to find myself in a little bit of a financial bind.

At least I got help on that front. I requested money this year for Christmas, and money I got. I got damn near $500 in cash and checks, which is about five weeks worth of money from work (at a pretty pitiful $8.40), so it should not impact me too badly. I’m just a worrier about having enough money.

Ok, that’s enough from me for now. Writing more soon.


Virginia Lawmaker Opposes Using Quran for Swearing-In

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CNN has run this article about Virgina Congressman Virgil Goode’s letter to constituents opposing the use of the Muslim Quran for the swearing-in ceremony for lawmakers. He also warns that we’ll have more Muslim immigrants in the next century if the U.S. does not adopt tougher immigration policies.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m for making standards more uniform and tougher, but fair. People coming to this country should be here to live and work and contribute here. I don’t support illegal immigration – they should get in line like everybody else. There’s even Permanent Residency, though I also think anyone wanting to live here permanently should be going for citizenship within 10 years or so.

However, I fail to see what Muslim immigration has to do with a native born citizen lawmaker swearing in. I also oppose his position on the process of swearing in. If someone is not a Christian, I have no problem with them using their own religious document to do the ceremony, any more than why I wouldn’t see a problem with a Jewish lawmaker using the Torah to swear in. Someone shouldn’t be forced to do things the same way when it comes to religion, just because it’s “tradition.” On that note, anybody know what Lieberman used to swear in? If he used the Torah, I’d like to shove that under Goode’s nose. So, yes, we are a society largely defined by Judeo-Christian values. But, we also have a little thing called religious tolerance. No, that doesn’t mean you have to agree with that religion. But, you have to accept that it’s here, and here to stay. So, yes, people following a different religion from yours will do some things differently in terms of being a good member of that faith.

Imagine that. People being free to live their own lives how they see fit. Disgraceful, huh?



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God, it’s been a long time. I’m not going to even try summarizing the past month, I’ll just write about the past couple weeks. Well, I was going to just talk, but now I need to rant. Next post, though.

Everything has been good, but busy, of course. During the last couple weeks, the TV club has had special editions of our shows. For Eastern Expedition, it was an administration episode, with the Vice President, head of facilities, and head of admissions playing the game. The President of the University came to watch, so that was cool. Then, last Thursday, we had a parents/friends day, where they could come to watch. My mom and aunt came, and we ate at Friendly’s afterward. So, that was cool.

Then, on Saturday, I had to work on a weekend for the first time. I volunteered to keep an eye on a special presentation playing on channel 22. I got there at 3:15 (Adam and Jess were editing an episode, so I was able to get in the building) and called the police at 3:30 to get the master control door open. They said they were switching shifts, but would send someone when that was done. Fifteen minutes passes, and noone. So, I call again. After initially not being able to find me, it took like 10 minutes for them to get there. So, the show went on a little late. Oh well; the higher ups were just happy it went on.

So, it’s now exam week. I’ve had three so far, with one more to go. I know I did pretty well on the first question for my first one in The Presidency last night, but I’m not sure I did so well on the second question. We’ll see, though. Then I had State and Local this morning…pretty sure I’ve aced that. Then I had my Western Civ exam. I think I didn’t do too bad there, either. I certainly did better than I thought I was going to. I was able to fill the whole blue book, and I don’t think I BSed my work, so that should contribute. Now I only have Culture and National Security on Friday. That one will be a toughy, since the class has a lot of theory involved. But, as long I use the three schools of international relations to explain my answers, I think I should do ok.

Less than three weeks until Greece! YES! I’ve got my itinerary for flight and hotel, so tickets should be following soon. Whether or not they’ll be electronic, or paper (meaning I have to come back here) remains to be seen.