Well, after 164 blog entries (including this one), it is time for a transition. I have just found out that Movable Type is causing immense pain to the server I’m hosting it on. No, I’m not on some crappy shared hosting plan. I’m actually on a dedicated server – I’m not using the whole thing, but the fact remains that this program is using more resources than the server’s flagship site, which gets several hundred visits a day.

So, what am I going to do? Do what I’ve been thinking about for a while and switch to WordPress. I think a PHP script will benefit me in several ways. PHP is more suited for the web, Perl is not. Those who don’t know, Perl runs through a gateway called CGI, which allows it to interface with the web, since Perl was originally a server-based language. PHP does it natively. I’ve been talking about getting FastCGI on the server, but I think using a PHP program will just use less resources.

Also, spam. Ever since I started using Akismet to filter my comments (and, I thought originally, trackbacks), I’ve been getting pounded with trackback spam (trackbacks are pings from other blogs who write about or reference your article). Apparently, Akismet either does not work on trackbacks, or the plug-in for MT is broken for that. It’s worked very well for comments, however. That said, Akismet was originally written for WordPress, meaning it should work more natively with it. We shall see.

I hope to have the transition done by Saturday night, given that I don’t run into any problems with transitioning my articles. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I could have it done by tonight. I won’t bet on it, though. So, it’s onward to a new phase in Dymersion’s history. Stay tuned.

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