So nobody sends Jack Bauer to torture me, see the cut. Facebook readers: BSG Finale, 24, and Basketball Woes @ Dymersion.

Man, BSG was intense! I honestly wasn’t expecting a not-guilty verdict to be cast in Baltar’s trial, and of all people, Adama helped cast it.   Time wise, I thought the trial took up too much time that could have been better used for other things.  Although I liked Lee’s monologue, I think it just went too long.  Speaking of trials (and tribulations), four of the Final Five are seemingly revealed at long last.  I’ve been reading the deliberations that are out there, and the debate is whether they’re Cylons, or whether they’re some third party.  Then there the debate over, if they are Cylons, are they good Cylons? My current view is that because we know the FF are different from the other seven, that their actions and agendas will ultimately be different.  There doesn’t seem to be any embedded programming in them (like with Boomer), and they all seem dead set on helping out the fleet.  So, maybe these Cylons were created to get everybody to Earth, and in the end, resolve the differences.   As for getting to Earth, Starbuck is back!  I knew she’d be back eventually, though I wasn’t quite expecting it now.  Though, I guess it’s a better cliffhanger than the fleet being attacked by the Cylons, ala last season.

24 was pretty intense last week, and it remained tense this week.   The Vice President seems dead set on starting a nuclear war with the Middle East, and I’m happy that Wayne woke up to save the day.  Though, it seems that there will be a showdown of loyalties next week as we’ve gone back to the old 25th amendment plot line.  So, CTU has Gradenko, but according to the previews, not for long.  It’s interesting that he’s been oddly forthcoming with his information, though of course, he wants a deal (they all want a deal).  Overall, not much actually happened on this thread tonight.  However, props for rain man saving the day.  Oh, and Doyle’s still an asshole.

Any dream of the UConn Huskies womens’ basketball team bringing home the championship trophy were dashed tonight, as they lost to LSU, 50-73. It wasn’t a very good year for Connecticut teams at all, though I’m happy they got to the Elite 8. More than can be said for the mens’ team, who didn’t even make it to the NCAA. Also of note was CCSU mens’ team, who made it to the first round, but not any farther. Better luck next year, everyone.

Now that I’m done registering for classes, it’s time to sleep.

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