See within for more ( Battlestar spoilers!

That was an awesome-tastic episode of BSG!  Not a whole lot of action, but if you’re watching this show just for that, you’re missing the point. So, we continue the arc of Starbuck’s continuing psychological breakdown.  We learn a little more about her past, and that she had an abusive mother, with whom she eventually fell out of contact.

I find it interesting about her continued contact with this one Cylon, Leoben Conoy.  We know that he’s very religious, and that Starbuck seems to have some connection to the ultimate goal of both the humans and Cylons: getting to Earth.  Obviously, Leoben wants to help the Cylons do that, and probably thinks getting their through his faith will do that.  Since Starbuck seems to also know things, he’s very interested in her.

To death.  We know the Leoben is a master manipulator, but if he wants to know Starbuck’s secrets, why lead her to accept death?  May it be possible that the history she knows has been planted, and that’s she’s really a Cylon?  We didn’t find out this episode, though I’m not sure we’d have one character die and be a Cylon, too.  It’d just be too much.  Though, I don’t suppose we’ve seen the last of her.  She might come back in one form or another (this is sci-fi, after all).  I don’t doubt we’ve seen the last of Starbuck’s purpose.

I’m just not sure what’s going on, but we’ll probably know soon enough.

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