I must say, that for the most part, I’m impressed. At least, in the area of diaster response, FEMA has seemed to have learned a few things. The response time, as well as the level of services and their quality, seems to have improved dramatically over Katrina. Areas of refuge were setup, food and drink were provided, activities were setup, and best of all, no pointed fingers.

However, we can all always learn from things like this. Clearly, FEMA needs to work on their media presence. That staged press conference, with FEMA employees asking soft questions? Not so good. If you can’t get one setup in time, release a press release for God sakes. Or, better yet, let the call-in reporters ask questions. And allow more time for people to show up before starting the show, not 15 minutes.

I’m an optimistic guy, and I think FEMA will learn from this time’s mistakes. If not, what’s one more blot on their record, right? In any case, Bush better hope it doesn’t happen under his term. See, if it happens with the new (likely) Democrat President, the Republicans can blame it on them.

Hopefully FEMA gets better, but knowing the government and its response to events, there seems likely to be some screw up in the future.

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