I more or less have been a Windows user all my life.  I started with version 3.1, and am now on XP (I don’t foresee myself upgrading in the future, due to the problems with it).  So, I’m pretty set in all its ways, and would consider myself a power user of it.   I have also used Macintosh, mostly for video editing; and Linux, though mostly for experimentation’s sake.

I’ve dual-booted Linux on machines I’ve used in the past, but always seem to inevitably get it off for one reason or another.  I don’t use it much after a while, or I mess up my install bad enough that it’s rendered unusable.  I’ve never gotten far enough to use it in my daily life.

But what if I did?  What if I was able to overcome problems I’ve had in the past, and made it so I could finally use it on a daily basis?  Well, that’s what I intend on trying, when I go to install a dual-boot of the latest version of Ubuntu tonight.  If I can just get my wireless card working (my previous big issue), I could probably go on from there.

There are some issues I can see with using Linux exclusively.  I own a license to Corel Paint Shop Pro.  I obviously can’t use this on Linux, without going through Wine or something.  I’ve tried Wine in the past, and am not sure I want to go on its flakiness.  I also use Microsoft Office, but am less concerned about that, because I got it for free from my school.

If I am able to get through some of the issues I’ve had, I would like to make my experiences using it day to day a feature of Dymersion.  Hence the question mark, since the project is not yet a definite thing.  But, I’ll keep you all up to date.

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