Last time I posted, they were split by 4.  Now, part of Gary, Indiana has come in, and Obama’s now down by only 2.

The commentators keep speaking about a possible turnover, if Obama gets Lake County big time, but I’m going to think more realistically.  Look, in real votes, Obama has been skirting the 20,000 vote mark ever since Lake start coming in, but lets consider some thing.  He’ll probably get Gary, and maybe a few other places.  But, if what the mayor of Hammond, Indiana says is true, he’s lost the other big city in Lake County.

I think Obama is going to potentially close in on the 10,000 mark, but he’s probably not going to break that.  I still think Clinton is going to get Indiana, but it won’t be the win she was looking for, despite any help she may have gotten from the Limbaughites.

Sorry Obama supporters.  You can hope, but I don’t think it’s happening.

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